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Easy, Intuitive Interface

Medfluent applications are built with the user in mind. Our systems are designed around how you work; we never make you change your workflow to satisfy the system's needs.
We strive for the simplicity that comes from conquering, rather than merely ignoring, complexity. Achieving this depth of simplicity produces a system that defers to users in a friendly way, rather than challenging them.
                 "Simplicity is the
           ultimate sophistication."
             - Leonardo da Vinci

Medfluent products are so easy to use, training time can be literally minutes. Most hospital staff simply start using the system and require very little direction. Of course, Medfluent training and support is on-site your first week of implementation to answer any questions and teach power users advanced functions. We know you can’t shut down business to send everyone through days of training. Our products are so intuitive, users practically train themselves.
Medfluent products are also accessible on any internet connected device. We support all major, modern browsers as well as common mobile devices like iphone, iPad and android smartphones.
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