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Enterprise Computing in the Cloud

Medfluent understands both the big picture and the details. There's a huge difference between designing an application that looks "cool" and one that is stable and secure enough to be trusted running your enterprise.

We push for perfection in every aspect. That passion is applied equally to the largest and most miniscule of issues. One of our distinguishing characteristics is the ability and desire to envision overarching strategy while also focusing on the tiniest aspects of design.

When customers ask for feature enhancements, bug fixes or product extensions, most companies reply
"We don't have time to do that now. We'll try to get it in a future release." or "That's too difficult to do. It will cost too much to implement any time soon."
When someone says this, what we hear is "I don't care about your need." or "That's too hard for us."

At Medfluent, we infuse our staff with the passion to create groundbreaking products and the skills to accomplish what may seem impossible. Furthermore, these are achieved using stable, enterprise level code and military grade end-to-end security and encryption. The result is something amazing... something awesome.
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